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The book takes you step by step through our proprietary trading model with easy to understand descriptions and illustrations. It's written so both the experienced trader and the novice can effectively master the trading system.


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Illustrations are designed to train the eye in recognizing vital patterns and provide support to the text.

Pattern Analysis


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You get the book, charting software & historical data, up to 92 years for some symbols.

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$10,000 invested in the NASDAQ Composite Index * 51 years ago became $999,400. With "The System" it would have been $93,261,900!


Annual Returns

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Please note:
Investing in the stock market, either directly through stocks or indirectly through mutual funds, ETFs, and managed accounts has risks. The use of market timing techniques such as those employed in The System can significantly reduce the risks associated with stock market investments and provide greater opportunity for gain by leveraging the volatility inherent in stock portfolios and equity mutual funds. No matter how successful a trading system may be, it should not be assumed that past performance assures future results or that all trades will be profitable.